четверг, 9 февраля 2012 г.

Ganzha released EP Nibiru

downloading sound of Nibiru
 Some net labels realeased a 40 minite "sound of Nibiru" by Ganzha!
This is sound track captured by HD video camcorder via in live perfomance y Vadim Ehrlich. Vadim Ehrlich - aka music project "Ganzha" -
The German experimental project from Kaufbeuren (Germany - near Munich) starts 2007. Vadim Ehrlich uses only old fashon schematics of analog synths of 80-th
All instruments are self constructed and self assmbled.
This perforance was in Cinema theater "Retrospective" in Central Asia - Almaty. The focus of electroni improvisations was 2012 and Planet X -
aka "Nibiru".

Video of this event is valuble in http://www.livestream.com/ziart

All Rights are Vadim Ehrlich - aka Ganzha  but thissss sound track is for free downloading and non commerce uses only.
Contact with  Vadim Ehrlich (Ganzha) - ziart@ya.ru

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